Mountain Bike
at lake Garda

The hinterland of Lake Garda Tignale lends itself beautifully to the practice of mountain biking for the variety of its routes.

A paradise of streets and dirt roads, paths and trails that climb the beautiful mountains that surround us. Switch between hills and mountains up to 1600 meters. above sea level, it means enjoy exceptional panoramas: the characteristic terraces where the olive tree dominates until then touch the rock walls among the oaks, laurel and rosemary, typical of the Mediterranean, before climbing trails in the woods of pine, ash , chestnut, hornbeam and beech always with the expectation sudden, dazzling, to see the deep blue lake. Sure, sometimes it's hard, but how much satisfaction and energy, not only money, but found (mental and spiritual) on top of a ridge in the magnificent lake, in the woods fragrant essences or in the old hut that oozes history.

In the hotel you wil find:

  • a closed free bike storage,
  • map of the routes to organize your excursion,
  • the possibility of preparing a packed lunch.


Nordik Walking

Tignale on Lake Garda, is included in the territory of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park and is identified in the marked environmental contrasts of an altimetric nature, the level of the lake to over 1500 meters, the highest mountains, in the varied conditions and landscape situations.

The passionate hiker can only be spoiled for choice to find and follow interesting routes and great natural value.

In the hotel you wil find :

  • the route map
  • all the information you need to organize your excursion.